Keys to A Good Life - Dr HickmanTitle: The Art of Mental Fitness (Book Chapter)
Publisher: Change Your Attitude Change Your Life (Book)/Maxamillion Publishing
Date: December 2015
Chapter Description: The book chapter introduces the concept of mental fitness as distinct from mental health. While mental health focuses on problematic thoughts, emotions and behaviors and is disorder-based, mental fitness focuses on the acquisition of appropriate skills to support positive thoughts, emotions and behaviors. The chapter concludes with ten tips toward mental mastery.
Book Description: The Power is Within You! KEYS TO A GOOD LIFE: Wisdom to Unlock Your Power Within, is a collaboration of insights from people who have experienced transformation either through an outside circumstance or by an inward call for change. Contributors share stories, ideas, and lessons in order to guide you through your personal life journey. This handbook of wisdom reminds you that you have the power within to create the life of your dreams. Addressing everyday issues, 31 experts help you: Embrace Change Manage Emotions Create Abundance Find Your Purpose Improve Relationships Live A Healthy Lifestyle Reduce Stress and Anxiety Achieve Work/Life Balance Plus Much More!

Social Anxiety Blog PostTitleSocial Anxiety: Trauma and Competing Needs 
Publisher: Blog Post on Mental Fitness Institute
Date: December 2015
DescriptionTrauma History and Social Anxiety: It is not uncommon for people with childhood trauma or very negative histories to experience social anxiety. At a very base level, this makes a great deal of sense given that childhood trauma certainly produces an anxious response in terms of difficulty trusting other humans. Yet, the frustration that I often hear from folks is that that want to be social and to be able to trust others and have good relationships, but they don’t know how to get through the discomfort and fear. –> Read More

Ezine ArticleTitleHow Do You Get An Eating Disorder, Part I: Loss of Control and Traumatic Events
Publisher: Ezine Articles
Date: November 26, 2012
Description: This articles discusses a number of underlying contributing factors to the development of eating disorders.

Ezine ArticleTitle:  Eating Disorders in Teens: Five Steps to Helping Your Child Recover
Publisher: Ezine Articles
Date: November 20, 2012
Description: This article covers five steps to helping your child recover from an eating disorder. Steps include: 1) Identify the problem; 2) Seek a professional evaluation; 3) Find appropriate treatment; 4) Participate fully in the treatment program with your child; and 5) Step into a mentor and guardian role and learn to let go again. While these steps may seem obvious, the articles discusses difficulties inherent in each step.

Ezine ArticleTitleWhat Are Eating Disorders: Why Early Detection of the Disease Is Hard
Publisher: Ezine Articles
Date: November 17, 2012
Description: Early detection of eating disorders is crucial to prevent a full-blown eating disorder or enable a shorter course in the disorder and encourage faster recovery. This articles discussed five reasons why early detection is difficult and suggests way to stay in touch with eating behavior of your children.

Ezine ArticleTitleEating Disorders in Teens: Are Parents to Blame?
Publisher: Ezine Articles
Date: November 14, 2012
Description: Parents who discover their child has an eating disorder will often wrestle with self-blame and guilt. While it is necessary to examine what personal habits, attitudes and the family culture may serve to support an eating disorder, self-blame is rarely helpful and is typically destructive. This article takes a closer look at what parents should focus on and what should be avoided.

Ezine ArticleTitleHow Do You Get an Eating Disorder: The Various Types of Eating Disorders
Publisher: Ezine Articles
Date: November 10, 2012
Description: This article is an overview of the different types of eating disorder diagnoses currently recognized by the psychological profession. A brief description of each type of eating disorder is included.

Ezine ArticleTitleHow Do You Get an Eating Disorder: Defining Disordered Eating
Publisher: Ezine Articles
Date: November 7, 2012
Description: The signs and symptoms of an eating disorder may appear so gradually that loved ones miss the signs until the disease is well advanced. This article discusses the onset of disordered eating and the early signs for which to be on the lookout in order to obtain much needed early intervention and treatment.

Ezine ArticleTitle: Why Anxiety? Understanding the Habit of Anxiety
Publisher: Ezine Articles
Date: July 9, 2012
Description: The article is a brief discussion of how anxiety is often supported by a set of mental habits. Habits are simply a behavior that we repeat to the point that it becomes over learned or automatic. This means that we no longer put much effort into them or need to think about – we just repeat the habit almost mindlessly. To understand the “habits” of anxiety then, is to have the power to dismantle it.







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