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I believe that dreams are meant to be realized. I also believe that each person has a unique set of gifts to share with the world. It is in fulfilling our purpose that we experience joy, satisfaction and contentment. While financial abundance may serve to make us more comfortable in a material sense, to be wealthy is not synonymous with being happy. Thus, while the pursuit of financial health is important for holistic functioning (i.e., healthy functioning across mental, emotional, social, financial, spiritual and physical arenas), rarely will the rabid pursuit and accumulation of wealth as a singular focal point bring genuine happiness.

I approach coaching and the development of educational resources for mental fitness from a similarly holistic perspective.  For me, coaching as an endeavor focuses on assisting clients in becoming the best version of themselves, including heightening problem-solving abilities and mental adaptation or flexibility, which are keystones to any mental fitness agenda. Coaching, of course, also includes accountability and encouragement toward the pursuit of client-identified goals. Regardless of the specific target for change, I partner with each client to develop a path forward toward your highest and best.

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