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Thank you for visiting my site. As you explore these pages, you will quickly learn that I am passionate about helping people achieve their highest aspirations while living fully into their purpose. It is my pleasure to offer skills-based educational products and coaching services to those who genuinely desire to see positive changes in their lives. These services focus on mental fitness skill development to ensure stellar performance both personally and professionally. All online courses will be located on my new company’s website: Mental Fitness Institute. Be sure to visit the site and sign up for the daily blog (Monday-Friday) to receive thought-provoking tips on how to build mental fitness for greater success in your life.

I truly believe that having the right skills at the right time make the differences between mediocrity and outstanding success. Thus, my aim is to put you through the paces of mental conditioning so that you can finally unblock your life and not only reach, but exceed your highest goals. Whether you desire to generate massive wealth for financial freedom; thrive in personal relationships; eliminate limiting beliefs that keep you mentally stuck; find personal peace, purpose and passion; develop olympic-style mental fortitude; enjoy freedom of expression with a full range of emotions while developing stellar emotional control; excel in your current business and career or start a business; embrace genuine spirituality without religious dogma; or eliminate hindrances to your personal fitness goals and physical wellbeing…we can work together to help you achieve it.

You may contact me directly for personal and professional coaching services through this site (Coaching Services). For a full range of additional coaching opportunities along with upcoming online classes, visit:

Brief Bio

After graduating summa cum laude from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Dr. Hickman earned a Master’s degree in Psychology and Human Development from Vanderbilt University, a Ph.D. in Child Psychology from the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota and a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology. She is also a Certified Life Coach and completed the Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP course at Goal Imagery) to qualify for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation through the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is an industry standard for providing professional coaching services. Dr. Hickman has provided psychotherapy services since 2007, life coaching services since 2011 and business coaching services through Peak Potentials from 2013-2015.

Dr. Hickman provides coaching, consulting and mentoring services to a wide range of individuals, but has a particular interest in coaching entrepreneurs, small business owners, creative individuals and women. Dr. Hickman is a driven business woman and also recently founded the Mental Fitness Institute and In the Writing Mind. The Mental Fitness Institute is dedicated to offering online courses, Mental Mastery programs, Retreats, Coaching and Mentoring services for the purpose of teaching mental fitness skills to improve personal and professional success. While her focus is primarily on mental fitness education and coaching, she maintains a very small psychology practice at Transformation and Lighthouse Counseling Center.

Dr. Hickman also spends considerable time writing, as she is passionate about educating and inspiring others to achieve their best life through personal and professional skill development. She writes extensively in the field of mental fitness, coaching and psychology and recently established In the Writing Mind to encourage other writers to improve their craft and to provide a supportive platform and community for learning and interaction.

As part of Dr. Hickman’s dedication to educating the public about mental fitness and psychological health, she has served as a psychological expert for television and radio as well as for magazine and newspaper articles, instructed college classes, appeared as guest lecturer for large corporations and is currently producing mental fitness classes and training videos as well as written material through the Mental Fitness Institute. In addition, she hosted her own radio talk show for a year on Voice America Variety Channel, The Mind of the Matter, which will be relocated to iTunes and on Mental Fitness Institute website. Dr. Hickman is passionate about promoting mental fitness across all age groups, so stay tuned for more podcasts, interviews, articles, classes and resources coming soon!

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